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Most Recent (2021)

Chicago IL WGN-TV Channel 9 Newsbreak, Sermonette, Sign-off & SSB from 1 January 1979
Durham/Raleigh NC WTVD 11 Together News, Sign-off and SSB recorded 6 October 1979
Dalton GA Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB) Final Analog Sign-off 17 Feb 2009 (WNGH)
Eugene OR KVAL-TV Channel 13 Sign-off and Sign-on recorded 21 February 2021
Fresno CA KFSN-TV Channel 30 Sign-off and SSB recorded 5 September 1985
Greensboro NC WFMY-TV Channel 2 Bible Text, Sign-off and SSB recorded 13 January 1979
Idaho Falls ID KIFI-TV Channel 8 Sign-off and Sign-on recorded 24 January 2021
Kansas City MO WDAF-TV Channel 4 Sign-off and K.C. Symphony SSB recorded circa 1990
Nashville TN WTVF Channel 5 Sign-off and SOGP created 25 August 1978
New Albany IN WNAS-TV Cable Channel 2 Sign-on and Sign-off recorded circa 1988
Salisbury MD WMDT-TV Channel 47 and W27AJ (Dover DE) Sign-off recorded circa 1987
St. Paul MN KTCA Channel 2 and KTCI Channel 17 Farewell Analog Sign-off 12 June 2009
Wichita KS KWCH-TV Ch. 12 (now KWCH-DT) Sign-off and SSB recorded 15 November 1986

Clips posted in 2020

US cable Arts & Entertainment Network (now A&E) Promos and Sign-off from 1986
Bangor ME WLBZ-TV Channel 2 Sign-off with U.S. and Canada NAs recorded circa 1990
Bethel AK KYUK-TV Channel 4 (now KYUK-LD 15) Sign-off circa mid-1970s
Chicago IL WFLD-TV Channel 32 Sign-off, Limbo and Sign-on 16 October 1983 (over 1 hour)
Corpus Christi TX KRIS-TV Channel 6 Sign-off and SSB recorded circa 1982
Eureka CA KIEM-TV Channel 3 Sign-Off recorded circa 2002
Greensboro NC WFMY-TV Channel 2 Scripture Text, SOGP, Sign-off recorded 17 March 1978
Honolulu HI KHON-TV Channel 2 Hawaii ATB and Sign-off recorded 24 September 1988
Jackson MS WLBT Channel 3 "Purple Haze" Sign-off & SSB from mid-March 1990
Lake Charles LA KPLC-TV Channel 7 God Bless the USA Sign-Off recorded circa 1992
Louisville KY WLKY NewsChannel 32 Sign-off and Weather Radar recorded citca 2001
Omaha NE KETV Channel 7 Word from Unity, Sign-off and SSB recorded 22 February 1980
Omaha NE KPTM Channel 42 CGI Sign-off and SSB recorded 14 December 1986
Phoenix AZ KPHO-TV Channel 5 Promos, Sign-off and ATB recorded 7 April 1986
Pittsburgh PA WTAE-TV Channel 4 Meditations, Sign-off and SSB from 13 August 1984
Providence RI WJAR Channel 10 Meditation, Sign-off & SSB recorded November 1987
Providence RI WPRI-TV Channel 12 Sign-off and Sign-on recorded May 2014
Salisbury MD WMDT Channel 47 and W27AJ (Dover DE) Sign-off and SSB recorded circa 1996
Sioux Falls SD KTTW Ch.7 and KTTM Ch. 12 Sign-off and SSB recorded 5 November 2020
Spokane WA KSPS-TV Channel 7 Star Hustler and Sign-off from 16 September 1992
Topeka KS KTWU Channel 11 Sign-off and Color Bars circa Spring or Summer 1998
Washington DC WETA-TV Channel 26 PBS Promos, Sign-off & SSB recorded circa 1997

Clips posted in 2019

Atlanta GA WAGA-TV Channel 5 Sign-off and SSB recorded 24 June 1981 (unusual SOGP)
Atlanta GA WPVA Channel 30 Sign-off and ATB film recorded circa 1988
Austin TX KVUE Channel 24 Community VUE & Sign-off recorded December 1986
Madison WI WHA-TV Channel 21 Promos, Star Hustler and Sign-off recorded October 1985
New York NY WCBS-TV Channel 2 early 1958 Sign-off Re-creation with NARTB SOGP
Philadelphia PA KYW-TV CBS 3 Final Analog Sign-off 12 June 2009 (with KTBS signal)
Phoenix/Mesa AZ KPNX-TV Channel 12 Sign-off and Moog SSB recorded circa 1983
Pocatello ID KPVI Channel 6 (now KPVI-DT) Sign-off recorded circa 1979
Raleigh NC WRAL-TV Channel 5 Final Analog Sign-off 12 June 2009
San Bernardino CA KHOF-TV Channel 30 (now KPXN) Sign-off recorded late 1970s
Tampa FL WXFL Ch. 8 (now WFLA-TV) News Closing and Sign-off recorded 6 January 1984
Washington DC The Pentagon Channel (later DoD News) Sign-off and SSB recorded circa 2004
Yakima WA KAPP-TV Channel 35 Sign-off and SSB recorded 28 February 1991

Clips posted in 2018

Atlanta GA WAGA-TV Channel 5 Sign-off and SSB recorded circa 1987
Atlanta GA WAGA-TV Channel 5 Final Analog Sign-off 12 June 2009
Atlanta GA WSB-TV Channel 2 Final Analog Sign-off 12 June 2009
Boseman MT KUSM-TV Channel 9 (Montana PBS) Sign-off and Color Bars recorded circa 1994
Chicago IL WCIU-TV Channel 26 Final Analog Sign-off Party 12 June 2009
Cleveland OH WJW Fox 8 Analog and Digital Channel 31 Sign-off 12 June 2009
Flint/Tri-Cities MI WCMZ-TV Channel 28 Final Sign-off from 23 April 2018
Hartford VT WNNE-TV Channel 31 Blues Sign-off recorded mid-1990s
Las Cruces NM KRWG-TV Channel 22 Sign-off, SSBs and Sign-on recorded circa 2003
Lincoln NE Nebraska ETV Sign-off recorded circa 1977 (from KUON-TV 12)
Los Angeles CA KCET Channel 28 Sign-off recorded circa 1974 (with USC Trojan Band SSB)
Los Angeles CA KHJ-TV Channel 9 (now KCAL) Sign-off and SSB Film recorded circa 1970
Los Angeles CA KTLA Channel 5 Sign-off and Patriotic Film recorded circa 1972
Mankato MN KEYC-TV Channel 12 Sign-off & Local SSB recorded 23 September 2018
Newark NJ/NYC WNET "Thirteen" Promos, Sign-off and Bulletin Board from 14 February 1987
New York NY WNBC-TV Channel 4 News, Sermonette and Sign-off from 31 August 1979
Oklahoma City OK Oklahoma Educational Television Authority (OETA) Sign-off from 19 July 1999
Omaha NE WOWT Channel 6 Promos,Calendar and Sign-off from 4 March 1978
Omaha NE KMTV (now KMTV-TV) Channel 3 Touching Point, Sign-off & SSB 17 February 1978
Raleigh NC WRAL-TV Channel 5 Sign-Off and Sign-On recorded Autumn 1988
San Diego CA KGTV Channel 10 Sign-off recorded circa mid-1980s
Schenectady NY WRGB Channel 6 SSB and Sign-on recorded circa 2003
Tri-Cities WA KNDU Channel 25 Sign-off and SSB recorded 22 January 1987
Yakima, WA KNDO Channel 23 Sign-off and SSB recorded 10 August 1991

Clips posted in 2017

Albuquerque NM KOAT-TV Channel 7 Calendar, Promos and Sign-off recorded 9 March 1979
Appleton/Green Bay WI WXGZ-TV 32 (now WACY) Farewell Sign-off from 14 February 1992
Atlanta GA WGNX Channel 46 (now WGCL) Sign-off recorded circa 1995
Baton Rouge LA WVLA-TV Channel 33 Sign-off and ATB recorded in 1992
Boston MA WSBK-TV 38 Holiday Promos, Sign-off & SSB recorded 31 December 1986
Bristol VA WCYB-TV Channel 5 Sermonette, Sign-off and SSB recorded circa 1985
Buffalo NY WGR-TV Channel 2 (now WGRZ) Sign-off, OC and SSB recorded Fall 1982
Dayton OH WHIO-TV Channel 7 Final Analog Sign-off recorded 12 June 2009
Denver CO KMGH-TV Channel 7 Sermonette, Sign-off and SSB recorded 5 August 1980
El Dorado AR KTVE Channel 10 Sign-off and SSB recorded circa 1987
Fairbanks AK KUAC-TV Channel 9 Inaugural Sign-on 22 December 1971
Flint/Tri-Cities MI WJRT-TV Channel 12 Commercials, Sign-off and SSB from December 1993
Lafayette LA KLFY-TV Channel 10 Sign-off from circa late1970s (American Trilogy music)
Los Angeles CA KCET Channel 28 Move Promo and Sign-off recorded circa 1979
New York NY WPIX 11 Alive Sign-off and Flag SSB recorded 1979
Oak Hill/Beckley WV WOAY-TV Channel 50 SSB and Sign-off recorded 21 May 2016 (widescreen)
Oakland/Bay Area CA KTVU Channel 2 Sermonette and Sign-Off from 4 December 1980
Pensacola FL WSRE-TV Channel 23 Sign-on recorded 12 October 1992
Pittsburg/Joplin MO KOAM-TV Channel 7 Sign-off, Sign-on and Military Medley from October 2015
Rochester NY WHEC-TV Channel 10 Sign-off recorded circa 2004
Rockford IL WREX-TV Channel 13 Sign-on and Sign-off produced 4 June 1999
San Antonio TX KSAT-TV Channel 12 Sign-off and SSB recorded circa 1985
San Francisco CA KBHK-TV 44 (now KBCW) Meditations and Sign-Off circa January 1984
Syracuse NY WIXT Channel 9 (now WSYR) Sign-off and ATB film recorded 18 March 1989
Tacoma/Seattle WA KSTW-TV 11 Analog Sign-off and Digital Sign-on from 12 June 2009
Tampa FL WUSF-TV Channel 16 (now WEDQ) Final Sign-off 15 October 2017

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