WTEN Channel 10, Albany, New York and
WCDC-TV Ch. 19 (defunct), Adams, Massachusetts
Sign-Off and GBA recorded circa 2003

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Sign-off of the ABC Television Network affiliate of New York state's capital city and its former long-time satellite station in Adams, Massachusetts. The clip kicks off with an computer-animated logos for WTEN 10, Young Broadcasting and the ABC network, followed by video of the towers and transmitters of WTEN and WCDC-TV 19, and concluding with video of the WTEN/WCDC Albany studios with a view of action inside the control room. An unidentified male chorus follows the sign-off announcement, giving us their rendering of "God Bless America", accompanied visually by scenes of the Albany area, including the State Capital Building. The WTEN 10 CGI logo is seen briefly after GBA, followed by color bars. It is not known from which of the two stations this clip was captured.

WTEN operated originally as a UHF-TV station on Channel 41, its call letters were WROW-TV (1953-56) and WCDA-TV (1956-57). When the Federal Communications Commission granted the station permission to move to VHF Channel 10 in mid-1957, WCDA-TV changed its call to WTEN to reflect the move. As with many a U.S. TV station, WTEN underwent numerous turnovers in ownership through its 65 years of existence; since January 2017 Nextar Media Group has been the licensee of Channel 10.

WCDC-TV commenced operations in February 1954 as WMGT Channel 74, one of only six full-power U.S. TV stations ever to broadcast above UHF Channel 69. By the end of 1954, WMGT was granted FCC permission to move to Channel 19. In 1957 WMGT became WCDC-TV and a full-time satellite of WTEN. WCDC would remain such until November 2017. Nextar Broadcasting, WTEN's current owner, had put the Channel 19 frequency up for sale in the FCC Spectrum Incentive Auction in April 2017 (it fetched $34.5 million). Nextar had scheduled to shut down WCDC on the first of December, but storm damage to the station's transmission line caused Nextar to take WCDC dark two weeks earlier on 19 November.

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