WSBK-TV Channel 38, Boston, Massachusetts
Holiday Promos, Sign-off and SSB
recorded 31 December 1986

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Boston's TV 38 sends holiday wishes in this sign-off clip, mixed with program promos for M*A*S*H, Hogan's Heroes and , coming in January, Lou Grant. The Boston Bruins hockey team gets in the spirit with a couple of spots of its own. Then comes the sign-off announcement, delivered by longtime WSBK-TV host/announcer Dana Hersey, with a "Happy New Year" graphic. Right before the SSB film, there's a photo of workmen atop an unfinished tower (was TV 38 building a new tower at the time?). The SSB film is one of numerous ones from The LDS Mormon church, but the video fades to black before the LDS identification is displayed at its end.

The FCC first granted a construction permit for Boston's Channel 38 in October 1955. For various reasons, nine years would pass before Channel 38 would make its on-air debut in October 1964 as WIHS, licensed to the Boston Catholic Television Center. As WIHS, religious and educational programs aired during the morning hours, and general entertainment and some sports ran during afternoon and evening hours. Storer Broadcasting acquired Channel 38 in 1966 and had the calls changed to WSBK-TV. Under Storer, WSBK became the leading indie in the Boston market and eventually a national cable superstation. For decades, TV 38 was where New England tuned in for Bruins hockey and Red Sox baseball. TV 38 was sold to Paramount Stations Group (soon to be part of Viacom) in late 1994 and became UPN 38 with that network's launch the following January. In 2001, Viacom merged with CBS, resulting in a duopoly with CBS's own WBZ-TV Channel 4 and WSBK's intergrating its operations into WBZ-TV's facilities. After another stint as an indie (2006-11), WSBK-TV became a MyNetworkTV affiliate in 2011 when the previous affiliate, Derry NH's WBIN-TV Channel 50, decided to part ways with the network.

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