WLXI-TV Channel 61, Greensboro, North Carolina
and W18BG Channel 18, Danville, Virginia
Sign-Off recorded Summer 1998

Page modified Thursday, 2 July 2020

A late Sunday night sign-off featuring only a male announcer, acoustic guitar accompaniment and computer-generated graphics of what the announcer is saying. Channel 61's tower in Kernersville NC was about a fifteen-minute drive from the Webmaster's house. It would be re-located a few years later.

WLXI-TV began telecasting in March 1984 as a typical local independent station. By the following year, Channel 61 had morphed into an full-time music video channel, sort of the Piedmont Triad's answer to MTV. In early 1986 the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) purchased Channel 61. The Illinois-based Radiant Life Ministries, better known as Tri-State Christian Television (TCT) accquired the station from TBN in 1991. WLXI would run programming from both TBN and TCT until 2007, when the TBN programs were dropped entirely. With the end of analog TV in June 2009, WLXI switched to UHF channel 43 for transmissions in digital. In mid-2018 TCT terminated local operations of all its stations, including WLXI. The change came after the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) lifted its Main Studio Rule, which had required broadcast stations to maintain a local studio. WLXI's staff were all let go, and its Greensboro facility was shut down and placed up for sale. Today WLXI and its fellow TCT station WRAY-TV in Wake Forest NC programs the entire TCT Network national feed. Both stations share digital channel 20 with WUNC-TV in Chapel Hill, the flagship station of University of North Caolina Television.

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