WGN-TV Channel 9, Chicago, Illinois
Newsbreak, Sermonette, Sign-off & SSB
Monday, 1st January 1979

Page created Sunday, 3 January 2021

The year Nineteen-hundred and Seventy-nine was a mere five hours old when this fifteen-minute clip was aired over the Chicagoland area. It begins with a Channel 9 ID graphic appropiate for the occasion, folloed by the seven-minute Newsbreak delivered off-screen by George Bauer. Up next is the WGN-TV inspirational piece Five Minutes to Live By, here featuring Fr. Patrick Tucker of Chicago (as of this posting, Tucker is still amomg the breathing and still a priest). Afterwards comes Mr. Bauer again to announce the station sign-off, which features the late-1970s variation of the NAB TV Code Seal, which the Webmasters call the "White Seal" for want of a better name, and restricted-use information. Following this is the National Anthem, played by an unidentified band in front of the WGN Continental Broadcast Center. In this SSB film, the flag is being lowered and removed from the pole, as opposed to being raised in the version used in the 1982 WGN-TV sign-on, linked below (most likely, the two films were shot the very same day). A few seconds of color bars and tone is aired before the signal goes down. After about 45 minutes (not seen here), it was re-activated to begin another broadcast day just before 6:00 am Chicago time.

WGN-TV 9 was officially launched in April 1948 as the TV flagship of the Chicago Tribune Company, which owned the iconic WGN Radio 720 AM. In 2014 the Tribune Company was split into two separate entities: the publishing arm became Tribune Publishing, the broadcast and digital side became Tribune Media. In September 2019 Tribune Media was merged with Nexstar Media Group in what is to date the largest media merger in U.S. history. This occured a year after the Sinclair Broadcas Group's attempted merger with Tribune Media failed to materialize.

WGN-TV 9 Sermonette, Sign-off and SSB recorded 1978
WGN-TV 9 Sign-on from 1980 (SSB missing)
WGN-TV 9 Sign-on from 24 April 1982 (with promos, sermonette, etc.)
WGN-TV 9 Legalese with SSB from 1988
WGN-TV 9 Legalese with SSB from 1994

WEBMASTER'S NOTE: This clip appears here courtesy of The Museum of Classic Chicago Television, a.k.a. FuzzyMemories.tv. FuzzyMemories is a site devoted to the study, acquisition, preservation, exhibition and nostalgic enjoyment of Chicagoland television.


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