WFMY-TV Channel 2, Greensboro NC
Bible Text, SOGP, Sign-off & SSB
recorded 17 March 1978

Page created Sunday, 31 May 2020

Featured here is a sign-off that the Webmaster has memories of seeing in his school days and has been waiting fifteen years for it to turn up online. It's from the North Carolina Piedmont's longtime CBS network affiliate. The video commences near the closing of The CBS Late Movie, with two PSAs for the YWCA and the National Guard & Reserve. Afterwards it's promos for two upcoming CBS animated specials, It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown and The First Easter Rabbit. Immediately following is the Text for the Evening, a reading of Galatians 5:1 from the Good News Bible, a.k.a. Today's English Version. Up next is the 1965 model TV Code Seal of Good Practice with a vocal description that is not from an NAB stock version. Then comes the station sign-off featuring the Channel 2 logo that WFMY-TV used from about 1969 up to the mid-1990s. The SSB film that follows is the "Raising of the Flag" version from the United States Navy.

It was from WFMY-TV that the first-ever live telecast in the Carolinas was wrought on the 18th of August 1949 at 6:10 PM local time, a five-minute newscast. Regular operations commenced on 22 September of that year, two months after the launch of the Carolina's first TV station, WBTV Channel 3 in Charlotte. WFMY-TV was founded by the Greensboro News Company, then-publishers of the newspaper now known as The News and Record, and licensees of WFMY-FM, which operated from 1947 to 1952 (it survives today as WQMG-FM 97.1). In 1965, the News Company was bought by what eventually became Landmark Communications. The station was acquired by Harte-Hanks Communications in 1976. Harte-Hanks sold the station to the Gannett Company in 1989. On June 29, 2015, Gannett was split in two, with one side specializing in print media, the other in broadcast and digital media. WFMY is still a part of the latter entity, known as Tegna.

The Webmaster's YouTube channel has posted WFMY-TV's 40th anniversary special from August 1989, which can be viewed here. Two audio clips of WFMY-TV from 1980 and 1981 are found on the Audio Sign-offs page.

WFMY-TV Channel 2 - 5 AM SSB video recorded circa 1994
WFMY-TV Channel 2 - Final Analog Sign-off 12 June 2009

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