WFLD-TV Channel 32, Chicago, Illinois
Thought for Today, Sign-off, ATB, Limbo
and Sign-on recorded 16 October 1983

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The video, a little over an hour and a half in length, is the longest single-station sign-off and sign-on recording ever posted here on description for this has been copied from the FuzzyMemories YouTube page from whence this video comes:

Ending moments of movie, "Flirtation Walk" (1934)

Late Late Double Feature ending title sequence (which has some similarities to that of PM Magazine) (Music used during the ending is "Superstar Fanfare" by Keith Mansfield - a piece from NFL Films)

Station ID slide (voiceover by Jim Barton)

Thought for Today, delivered by John M. Siedem, Pastor of Trinity Slovak Lutheran Church in Chicago (opening and closing voiceover by Jim Barton)

WFLD sign-off (voiceover by Jim Barton), already using "Metromedia sign-off script" (but Field-era 32 logo) and Chuck Mangione's "Give It All You Got, But Slowly" as background music

"America, The Beautiful" film with nature shots [EDITOR'S NOTE: The footage used here is from the Sierra Club's SSB film that was part of WFLD's sign-offs/ons during its days as a Kaiser Broadcasting and Field Communications station]

Color bars and tone - brief cameo at 6:07, then bars come in at 6:17 and tone joins them at 6:24 - and lasts only up to 8:06 , after which we see a Metromedia-era 32 slide ID all the way to 1:26:52

"America, The Beautiful" film (again)

Sign-on (voiceover by Jim Barton), again, with Field-era 32 logo, but Metromedia sign-on script (and "Give It All You Got, But Slowly," again)

Thought for Today, delivered by Rev. Karl B. Wilson, Pastor of Mandell United Methodist Church, Chicago (opening and closing voiceover by Doug Dahlgren?)

PSA from Illinois State Police, comparing drinking and driving with carrying loaded gun - "Both Can Be Deadly" (what a great PSA to run right before Romper Room!)

Animated Metromedia-era 32 ID (voiceover by Jim Barton)

Opening title sequence and first few seconds of Romper Room and Friends (full broadcast of which can be seen here:

This aired on local Chicago TV early Sunday, October 16th 1983 around the 4:27am to 6:00am timeframe.

WEBMASTER'S NOTE: This clip appears here courtesy of The Museum of Classic Chicago Television, a.k.a. FuzzyMemories is a site devoted to the study, acquisition, preservation, exhibition and nostalgic enjoyment of Chicagoland television.

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