WABC-TV Channel 7, New York City
Sign-Off recorded circa 1983

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It's time for the ABC Television Network's New York flagship station to call it a night. But first, we have PSAs for the Salvation Army (with June Lockhart) and the Epilepsy Foundation, a station ID, and the Morning Message sermonette delivered by Rabbi Joseph Potasnik. The sign-off announcement follows, rendered live by Wally Parker, and is followed bt the U.S. Marine Corps Band performing the National Anthem as the U.S. Flag is being lowered. There's a few seconds of the WABC-TV color bars at the end.

WABC-TV commenced operations in August 1948 as WJZ-TV, the first of three television stations launched that year by the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) radio network. The other two were WENR-TV (now WLS-TV) in Chicago and WXYZ-TV in Detroit (which ABC sold off in the 1980s). The WJZ calls were those of Channel 7's then-sister station WJZ Radio AM 770 (now WABC), which was started in Newark NJ by the Westinghouse Company in 1921 as the first commercial station in the New York City area. Channel 7 became WABC-TV in March 1953 when ABC merged with United Paramount Theatres, the former exibition arm of Paramount Pictures. The merger with UPT gave the ABC-TV network a much needed shot of financial adrenaline and helped to bring the demise of the rival DuMont TV Network. WJZ-TV calls were resurrected by Westinghouse in 1957 for its newly-acquired Baltimore TV station (and ABC affiliate until 1995) Channel 13.

WABC-TV Channel 7 Sign-off and Moog SSB recorded 20 June 1982
also includes two audio clips of WABC-TV sign-offs from 1959 and 1964
WABC-TV Channel 7 Final Analog Sign-off 12 June 2009

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