Nebraska Educational Television (NETV)
Sign-Off recorded circa 1977 from
KUON-TV Channel 12, Lincoln

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A sign-off devoted to the pioneering spirit of Nebraska, where the West begins. Nebraska is also a pioneer in non-commercial public television, for it was among the first states to launch such a station with KUON-TV Channel 12 in November 1954. The Nebraska ETV network came to frutition in 1965 with the sign-ons of KLNE-TV in Lexington and KYNE-TV in Omaha. Over the next three years the six other network stations would be launched. The sign-off features a roll call of the Nebraska ETV stations, visually accompanied by images of 19th Century Nebraska. KUON-TV, from whence this sign-off was recorded from, is the network's flagship station, located on the east campus of the University of Nebraska.

Nebraska ETV is now known as NET, Nebraska Educational Telecommunications. The NET initials originally belonged to America's original public TV network, National Educational Television (1954-1970), in which Nebraska ETV was affiliated with.

This video is among a number of late-1970s Nebraska TV sign-offs recently unearthed by YouTuber bigO! playbax.

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