KTTW Channel 7, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
KTTM Channel 12, Huron, South Dakota
Sign-off & SSB recorded 5 November 2020

Page created Sunday, 15 November 2020

Given that this video was recorded on a Thursday night, the Webmaster assumes that KTTW/KTTM is one of VERY few stations in the U.S. that still signs off every night in the year 2020. Also interesting is that the station is still using its "Fox 7" branding, despite the fact that the Fox network had moved to Sioux Falls's NBC station KDLT/46 only three days before this clip was made (see below). The station's sign-off is a nice one, though, with video of KTTW's studio building and lots of technical info in the audio portion. For the SSB, KTTW/KTTM resurrects the ever-popular 1980s U.S. Air Force's "Aim High America" film, stretched out to fill the 16:9 ratio screen format. The sign-off is preceded by a MyPillow commercial and a Modern Family program promo.

KTTW commenced operations in May 1987 on UHF Channel 17. It was South Dakota's first-ever Fox Network affiliate, but, like most Fox stations prior to 1993 when Fox began full-time programming, it was essentially ran as a general entertainment independent station. KTTW's Huron satellite KTTM/12 was launched in January 1992 to serve the western portions of the Sioux Falls area that could not receive KTTW clearly. During the U.S. digital TV transition in 2009, KTTW began using their digital channel 7 as their permanent virtual channel to better brand themselves as Fox 7. In mid-2020 KTTW's non-license assets was sold to Gray Television, which owns KSFY-TV 13 (ABC) and KDLT-TV 46 (NBC), both in Sioux Falls. On the 2nd of November Fox programming was moved to KDLY's subchannel 46.2. As a result, KTTW/KTTM's .1 subchannel is currently inactive; its .2 subchannel carries the ThisTV network. As of this writing (15 November 2020), Independent Communications, Inc., a consortium of local inverstors that is the licensee of KTTW/KTTM, announced intent to sell its station to a non-profit entity in the near future.

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