KNBC-TV Channel 4, Los Angeles, California
NewsCenter 4 Sign-Off Edition & KNBC Sign-Off
recorded Saturday, 4 July 1981

Page modified Tuesday, 30 June 2020 sends thanks to Joseph Goria of Los Angeles and Don Denton of Covina CA for contributing this clip. It is approximately thirty minutes long, and contains the following items:
00:00 NewsCenter 4 Promo featuring John Beard and Tritia Toyota
00:06 NewsCenter 4 Sign-Off Edition Headlines by Peggy Taylor
00:32 LEAD STORY: Lone Survivor of Laurel Canyon Massacre under LAPD guard at Cedar-Sinai Hosptial - "Live" report by Laurel Erickson (apparently tape from 11 pm newscast)
02:01 SPORTS: Chris Everet-Lloyd wins Wimbleton women's title
Major League Baseball strike continues - NBC News report by Stephen Fraizer
04:24 COMMERCIAL BREAK: Topol the Smoker's Tooth Polish and a PSA by the Greater Los Angeles Visitors and Convention Buerau,
05:30 NATIONAL NEWS: Public Television Financing Woes - NBC News report by Bob Jamieson.
09:51 COMMERCIAL BREAK: Lee's Bars 'N Stools 'N Dinettes, repeat of Topol commercial, Banner Carpets 4th of July Sale, Eclipse Sunscreen Lotion
11:58 NATIONAL NEWS: Fourth-of-July Weekend Festivities - NBC News report by John Dancy
14:06 NewsCenter 4 Weather, closing announcement, and program promos for Family Feud and Norm Crosby's Comedy Shop by Peggy Taylor
14:52 Long PSA photo montage by the Franciscan Communication Center of Los Angeles. Theme Music: "Teach Me To Die"
17:51 COMMERCIALS: Arrid XX Deodorant, KNBC PSA for the American Red Cross, Carpeteria Carpet Stores, Inglewood Park Mortuary and Cemetery, Paul Sahlin's Tiffanys and KNBC promo for Donahue
19:56 Musical KNBC station ID, copyright statement, and NAB Seal of Good Practice announcement by Peggy Taylor
21:07 LET US PRAY: sermonette delivered off-screen by Brother Carrol Pitts, Jr. minister of the Normandy Church of Christ
24:15 U.S. Navy Hymn film (no audio first 30 seconds), KNBC sign-off announcement by Peggy Taylor, and "America The Beautiful" film (cut short at end), very brief color bars, then carrier is cut

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