KMUV-TV Channel 31 (now KMAX), Sacramento, CA
Sign-On and Sign-Off recorded circa 1980

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What is now KMAX signed on initially as KMUV-TV on 5 October 1974. Its founder was legendary 1970s sitcom producer Norman Lear (All In The Family, Good Times, Maude, etc.). To distinguish itself from the other Sacramento stations, KMUV-TV, save for a early-morning newscast in both English and Spanish, aired nothing but movies. While common today among some cable TV networks, Channel 31 was ahead of its time with such a format. Perhaps too ahead of its time by several years. By May 1976 KMUV had dropped its all-movie schedule and switched to mainly Spanish-language programming. Norman Lear would sell the station in late 1980, and the call letters became KRBK-TV in April 1981. Channel 31 became a general independent English-language entertainment station which competed hotly with Sacramento's other indie,KXTL-TV 40 (now the city's Fox affiliate). After two changes in owners and affiliations with the old WB and UPN networks in the 1990s, Channel 31 is now with the CW network and is owned by CBS Corporation along with its sister station KOVR-TV 13 in Stockton. For more deatiled information about Channel 31's programming during its time as KMUV and KRBK, visit this article on the blog devoted to the late great Norrthern California TV horror host Bob Wilkins.

The clips featured here were recorded either in 1979 or 1980, as Channel 31 was nearing its end as KMUV-TV. Both sign-on and sign-off are comprised of still-photo montages of downtown Sacramento, nature scenes and other things of local interest. No SSB film or any patriotic or inspirational video accompamied these sends thanks to Mark Chiolis of Burbank CA for submitting these clips. Chiolis worked for Channel 31 in the 1980s when it was KRBK-TV. Watch for his name in the station staff credit roll in this KRBK-TV 31 Sign-off from 1986.

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