KFSN-TV Channel 30, Fresno, California
Sign-off & SSB recorded 5 September 1985

Page created Friday, 19 March 2021

The close of another broadcast day for Fresno's ABC network station, recorded several days before it became such. The video begins with the closing seconds of The CBS Late Movie. Right after that comes a Channel 30 promo for Jeopardy!, hosted by the recently-deceased Alex Trebek. Then comes a combo station ID/program promo announcing the 9 September debut of ABC News Nightline, with host Ted Koppell. Next up is the KFSN-TV sign-off, a nice piece of video work featuring helicopter views of Fresno during the day and at night. The SSB film that follows is of undetermined origin, featuring the launching of a rocket and some jets flying; it might possibly be a U.S. Air Force production.

The station began operations in May 1956 as CBS affiliate KFRE-TV Channel 12, the video sibling of KFRE Radio AM 940 (now KFIG). Triangle Publications, then publishers of TV Guide magazine, acquired Channel 12 in early 1960. On 17 February 1961, KFRE-TV willingly made te move to Channel 30, joining its hometown competitors KMJ-TV/24 and KJEO/47 (now KGPE) to make Fresno an all-UHF television market as part o f the FCC's "deintermixture" plan; its purpose was for the leveling of the playing field and to eliminate the potential of unfair competition between the VHF and UHF bands. Capital Cities Communications became Channel 30's new owners in May of 1971, and its calls were changed to KFSN-TV (the KFRE-TV calls are currently used on Fresno's CW affiliate on channel 59). in March 1985, Capital Cities announced it would purchase ABC, stunning the U.S. broadcasting industry. Nearly six months later, on 9 September, KFSN-TV became an ABC affiliate; CBS returned to KJEO/47 wher it had been from 1953 to 1956, before the launch of KFRE-TV). The Capital Cities/ABC transaction was finalized on 3 January 1986, making Channel 30 an ABC owned-and-operated station. The Walt Disney Company acquired Capital Cities/ABC in 1996.

This sign-off was extracted from a 39-minute YouTube video that features the opening, bumpers and closing from that night's The CBS Late Movie and the commercials and program promos that ran during it.

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