KABC-TV Channel 7, Los Angeles, California
Editorial, Eyewitness News 7 Sign-Off Edition
and Statioin Sign-off
recorded Monday, 11 October 1976

Page modified Wednesday, 10 Juney 2020

This clip made from the ABC Television Network's O&O station in Los Angeles dates back to the Presidential election year of 1976. It was also the year that the video cassette recorder (VCR) made its debut in U.S. living rooms. The sign-off included at the end makes it among the earliest recordings of a U.S. TV station closedown currently available. The video runs approximately thirty minutes long, and consists of the following items:
00:00 KABC-TV station ID slide promoting upcoming movie The Blue Max, starring George Peppard
00:06 Channel 7 Editorial delivered by KABC-TV vice-president and general manager John C. Severino opposing California's Propositions 3 and 12
01:09 Eyewitness News Sign-off Edition, anchored by Len Beardsley (off-camera).
LOCAL NEWS: Investigations of 100+ deaths in Ventura County hospital, students and parents protest at LA school board meeting, San Fernando parents happily ends protest about substitute school teachers, a story about former Secretary of Agriculture Earl Butts, seven year old missing LA child found hiding in home closet, Viking II lander shoves boulder on Mars, police investigates death of local teenage male in swim trunks, police searches for terminally-ill man suspected of hotel holdup, bits of California political news, LA City Attorney endorses idea of jail sentences for first-time drunk drivers, and a story about Americans suffering from chronic pain
09:29 COMMERCIAL BREAK: Ortho Matress Factory Showroom, Sergeant's Sentry IV Flea Collar for pets, Robinson's Fall sweater sale, and Jell-O gelatin "grasshopper" recipe.
11:29 INTERNATIONAL NEWS: Indian Air Lines plane crash at Santa Cruz Airport, trains in Mexico collide head-on killing two Americans, rumors of Mao Tse-tung 's widow arrested by Chinese army, Palestinian gunman raids Syrian embassies in Italy and Pakistan, Syrians, Palestinians and Moderate Christians tentantely agree to cease fire in Lebanon, Britain's Labor Government wins in Parliament vote.
15:00 NATIONAL NEWS: Presidential election campaign stories dealing with President Gerald Ford and Democratic candidate Jimmy Carter, ongoing negotiations between United Auto Workers and Ford Motor Company as UAW strike enters 30th day.
17:10 COMMERCIAL BREAK: Pyramid paperback novel Paxton Pride, Crisco Oil tip on frying chicken, Zody's annual Sale-A-Thon, and Gaines' Prime Variety dog food
19:10 SPORTS: San Francisco 49ers shut out LA Rams on ABC's Monday Night Football, preview of pitching matchups for Major League Baseball's League Championship games (Phillies vs Reds and Royals vs Yankees).
20:46 Weather forecast and conclusion of Eyewitness News Sign-off Edition.
21:10 COMMERCIALS and PSAs: Ralph's Supermarket meats, repeat of earlier Sergeant's Flea Collar ad, Ohrbach's Fashions, the Southern California Lung Association, the Blind Children's Center of Los Angeles, the SER organization (Service, Employment, Redevelopment), the American Bar Association, and the Fair Housing Congress of Southern California.
25:10 KABC-TV 7 Sign-off announcement by Len Beardsley (What? No NAB Seal of Good Practice?), National Anthem film featuring images of the American Revolution (same film as used by ABC O&O WLS-TV 7 in Chicago), then transmitter is shut off.

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