WUSF-TV Channel 16 (now WEDQ), Tampa, FL
Final Station Sign-Off and SSB
Sunday, 15 October 2017 (widescreen)

At 11;59 pm local time on Sunday, 15 October 2017 the PBS member station of the University of South Florida (the USF in the call letters) concluded fifty-one years of operation with this sign-off piece. Considering this being a solemn moment for the station, it's sad that it's a mere 45 seconds in length, featuring a very brief sign-off announcement, three still images of WUSF-TV's past and an animated video with an abbreviated version of the National Anthem. The video ends with color bars from, presumably, the PBS network feed.

The University of South Florida launched Channel 16 in September 1966. It was Tampa/St. Petersburg's second public TV station after its rival WEDU Channel 3. Being the university-owned station, WUSF's programming was more educational in nature, which included distance learning. In October 2015 USF's board of trustees elected to place WUSF-TV in the FCC's spectrum auction in 2016, in which the FCC bought signals from broadcasters nationwide to sell to wireless network providers. In February 2017, USF announced the sale of Channel 16 for $18.7 million. One week before WUSF-TV signed off for good, USF announced that WUSF-TV had entered into a channel sharing agreement with WEDU, enabling the station to continue operations. WUSF-TV's broadcast license would also be transferred to WEDU's owner, Florida West Coast Public Broadcasting (as of this writing, the full transfer is awaiting FCC approval). After WUSF-TV said its final adieu, Channel 16 became WEDQ.

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