WRAL-TV Channel 5, Raleigh NC
Final Analog Sign-off
Friday, 12 June 2009

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Like a number of U.S. TV stations on that fateful day in 2009, the NC Triangle area's then-CBS station Channel 5 ended its analog activities with a little gathering at the old transmitter to push the "off" button for the final time. The honor of doing this is granted to Jim Goodman, president and CEO of Capital Broadcasting Company, WRAL-TV's founder and licensee. Apparently, Mr. Goodman's eager to shut the thing down already, and Channel 5's analog viewers are given very little warning. Get ready to cover your ears when the picture suddenly goes to static!

It was the aforementioned Captal Broadcasting Company that put WRAL-TV on the air ten days before Christmas in 1956 with a telecast of the classic movie Miracle on 34th Street. Channel 5 began as a primary NBC network affiliate, taking that from crosstown rival WTVD Channel 11. In 1962 Channel 5 switched to ABC and remained with them until WTVD's parent, Capital Cities Communications, bought the ABC network. At that point WRAL-TV began a thirty-year relationship with CBS, which ended in February 2016 after a fallout over affiliation renewal. As a result, WRAL-TV became the Triangle's home for NBC programming again.

WRAL-TV Channel 5 Sign-off and Sign-on recorded Fall 1988
WRAL-TV Channel 5 Sign-off and SSB recorded Summer 1989
WRAL-TV Channel 5 Sign-off and SSB recorded June 1993

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