WPVI-TV Channel 6, Philadelphia PA
Sign-Off from 1991

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Though shorter in length than the 1971-1986 WPVI's sign-off linked below, this later Capital Cities/ABC version is complete as shown. This one uses a portion of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir's version of "America The Beautiful" and features various views of Philly, including Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. It also has shots of the WPVI studio building and the transmitter farm at Roxborough, where the transmitters of several of Philadelphia's TV stations reside.

Channel 6 commenced telecasting as WFIL-TV in September 1947 as Philly's second TV station behind WPTZ-TV 3 (now KYW-TV). It was the first-ever affiliate of the ABC Television Network when it began in April 1948. At least two of the earliest ABC network shows, On The Corner and Hollywood Screen Test, originated at Channel 6, for ABC had yet to launch its New York flagship station (which it did in August). WFIL-TV was owned by Triangle Publications, which owned The Philadelphia Inquirer and WFIL-AM and WFIL-FM radio stations. Under pressure from the FCC, Triangle sold its broadcasting interests to Capital Cities Communications in April 1971, which promptly changed the call letters to WPVI-TV. Capital Cities would purchase the ABC Network itself in 1986, making WPVI-TV an ABC owned-and-operated station (Capital Cities/ABC would be accquired bt The Walt Disney Company in 1996).

TV-Signoffs.com gives thanks to TechnerVideo for allowing the embedding of his YouTube clip on this page.

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WPVI-TV Channel 6 1971 Sign-off recorded in December 1984

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