WPIX "11 Alive", New York NY
Sign-Off, Flag SSB and Black
recorded sometime in 1979

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A sign-off video of New York's CW Network station from its days as an independent and when it was branded as "11 Alive". It commences with a copyright statement, then the sign-off announcement, a restricted-use notice and an invitation to viewers to tune to WPIX 101.9 FM (now WFAN-FM). Afterwards comes the National Anthem film displaying only the U.S. flag waving in the breeze. The SSB film looks like something produced inside a studio with a blue-sky backdrop and the flag's movements being caused by an off-screen electric fan. Does anyone care for a black screen? There's two full minutes of it, which is folloed by color bars.

New York's Channel 11 became the fifth TV station in the city when it was launched in June 1948. It was also NYC's second independent TV station, coming one month after the sign-on of indie WATV Channel 13, which is today's WNET, NYC's PBS member station. The PIX in the call letters came from "New York's Picture Newspaper", the former slogan of the station's original owner, the New York Daily News, which was owned by the Chicago Tribune Company. When the Tribune Company sold off the Daily News in 1991, WPIX became outright owned by Tribune. Channel 11's days as an indie ended in 1995 when it became the New York outlet for the new WB Network, in which the Tribune Company was a part-owner. When The CW Network replaced The WB in 2006, WPIX became "CW11" (it currently brands itself as "PIX11"). As of this writing, Tribune Media and all its broadcasting properties are in process of being acquired by the Sinclair Broadcast Group, pending FCC approval.

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