WNRW-TV Channel 45 (now WXLV),
Winston-Salem NC
Sign-Off and SSB recorded circa 1986

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A sign-off recording of todays ABC 45 made the year the station became a charter affiliate of the new Fox Network. The sign-off portion begins and ends with computer-generated animated TV 45 logo. In between are views of Saurtown Mountain and the TV 45 tramsmitter tower (since relocated to Randolph County), and what appears to be video made at Salem Lake, which is very close to WNRW's studio location. The SSB film used here is the same one employed by the 1989 WNRW-TV sign-off linked below.

Channel 45 began life in September 1979 as WGNN-TV, an independent station owned by the Piece Goods Shops, a chain of fabric stores that was based in the Piedmont Triad. In October 1980 it became WJTM-TV when the Television Corporation (also known as the TVX Broadcast Group) took control of the station. They are the owners that are mentioned in this clip. In June 1984 the call was changed to WNRW-TV as a memorial to Channel 45's General Sales Manager William N. Rismiller, who was murdered in a shooting at the station earlier that year. TVX sold TV-45 to Act III Broadcasting in 1988. In September 1995 Fox 45 became WXLV-TV ABC 45 when the Triad's long-time ABC station, High Point's WGHP-TV 8, was acquired by the Fox Network.(which Fox later sold). The following year, ABC 45 became part of the Sinclair Broadcast Group, which it remains currently.

WNRW-TV Fox 45 Sign-off recorded Summer 1989
WNRW-TV Fox 45 Sign-off recorded 1 January 1995
WXLV-TV ABC 45 Inaugural Sign-on recorded 3 September 1995

WGNN-TV 45 Sign-on recorded late 1979
WJTM-TV 45 Sign-off recorded circa 1980

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