WNEW-TV Channel 5 (now WNYW), New York NY
News, Sermonette, Sign-Off and SSB
recorded 14 October 1984

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This seventeen-minute video kicks off with a PSA promoting the New York State Museum in Albany. Following that is Channel 5's Late Night-Early Morning Report, with Ed Ladd reporting. Immediately afterwards is a promo for WNEW Radio AM 1130's all-night music show, Milkman's Matinee hosted by Marty Wilson. Then comes the Sermonette, delivered by Frank DeRosa of the Catholic Diocese, Brooklyn NY. The late Tom Gregory, a.k.a. "The Voice of Metromedia", renders the station sign-off announcement which follows the sermonette. After that is WNEW-TV's own SSB video, a montage of scenes of numerous small towns in the vicinity of New York City. The rendering of the SSB is the recording used in the classic "Flag Evolution" SSB film.

A year and a half after this video was made, WNEW-TV 5, along with Metromedia's other TV stations, was acquired by Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation, which also controlled the 20th Century Fox film studio, to become the flagship station of the new Fox TV Network (its call letters were changed to the current WNYW as a result). But 40-plus years before, Channel 5 was WABD, the flagship station of the original "fourth" U.S. TV network, DuMont, named after TV pioneer Dr. Allen B. DuMont and his DuMont Laboratories, which launched the station in 1944. Go to Clarke Ingram's great site devoted to the history of DuMont, DuMontNetwork.com to learn more.

A 1964 WNEW-TV 5 sign-off, delivered by Tom Gregory.

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