WLVI-TV Channel 56, Cambridge/Boston MA
Sign-Off recorded circa mid-1980s

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The roots of the current "CW 56" in Boston goes back to September 1953, when it first signed on as WTAO-TV with some programming from the ABC and DuMont networks, but mostly ran pre-1948 movies. But, as in the case with many 1950s UHF stations, WTAO struggled to get viewers and revenue and went dark after a few years of operation. Channel 56 was resurrected in 1965 as WBKG-TV, and was for almost thirty years an independent TV station, second in popularity to WSBK-TV 38 (which ended its 47-year status as an independent in September 2011 when it affiliated with MyNetworkTV).

This sign-off clip is from early in the period when the Gannett Company owned the station (1983-1994). The WLVI-TV 56 logo design seen here is a holdover from the station's previous owner, Field Communications (1977-1983), which owned WFLD-TV 32 in Chicago and the long-defunct WKBS-TV 48 in Philadelphia. Since late 2006 WLVI has been owned by Sunbeam Television, which also owns Boston's newly-independent WHDH-TV Channel 7.

The clip commences with the sign-off announcement, delivered by Tom Evans. After this comes the sign-off prayer by Fr. William B. Cahill of the Immaculate Conception Church. The clip concludes with the Sierra Club-produced SSB film, performed by the Stanford University Band, another holdover from the Field Communications era.

TV-signoffs.com sends thanks to Dan O'Hara of Syracuse NY for contributing this clip.

Page updated Sunday, 5 February 2017

WLVI-TV Channel 56 Sign-on from circa 1986

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