WJW Channel 8, Cleveland OH
Final Analog Sign-off
Friday, 12 June 2009

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From YouTuber Bela Qxmyx comes this video of Cleveland's Fox station terminating its analog activities at 10:00 AM local time. At that same time Fox 8 ceased its digital transmissions on UHF Channel 31. A couple of minutes after the signal is killed, Channel 8 is reactivated, now broadcasting fulltime in digital.

What is today's Fox 8 began as WXEL Channel 9 just a week before Christmas in 1949. As such, it was a primary affiliate of the DuMont Network with a secondary relationship with ABC. An FCC-mandated realignment of VHF TV channels in the Midwest in 1952 and 1953 forced WXEL to move one channel down the dial to Channel 8. Storer Broadcasting purchased Channel 8 in 1954, acquired the CBS network affiliation in 1955 and changed the calls to WJW-TV (to compliment Storer's WJW-AM-FM radio stations) in 1956. When Storer sold off WJW-AM 850 (now WKNR) in 1976, a "K" was added to the WJW-TV calls the following year to comply with FCC call letter regulations at the time, resulting in WJKW-TV (the "K" was dropped in 1985 when the radio station's calls were changed). Channel 8 became Cleveland's Fox network outlet in September 1994 as a resut lt of a major deal involving News Corporation (Fox's parent) and New World Communications, WJW's owner at the time. Currently WJW Fox 8 is owned by Chigago-based Tribune Media, which is set to be purchased by Sinclar Broadcast Group later in 2018, pending government approval (and once it gets such, Sinclair plans to sell Channel 8 back to Fox!).

WJW had undergone numerous ownership changes since Storer sold the station in 1985. For more details concerning WJW's convoluted post-1985 history, read the Wikipedia article.

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