WJKA-TV Channel 26 (now WSFX), Wilmington NC
Sign-On and Sign-Off recorded June 1993

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Combined sign-on and sign-off video from Fox Wilmington before it was known as such. During its first ten years of existence (1984-1994) WSFX-TV was WJKA-TV and was a full-time affiliate of the CBS Network, something the Wilmington NC area did not have up to this time. Because of various circumstances discussed in this Wikipedia article, Channel 26 ran a poor third in the Nielsen ratings behind WECT (NBC, channel 6) and WWAY (ABC, channel 3). The station's fortunes improved greatly when, in mid-1994, it joined the Fox Network and changed it call sign to the current WSFX-TV, the "SFX" standing for "Super FoX". Currently, WSFX is operated by Raycom Media via a shared service agreement, hence making Fox Wilmington a sister station of Wilmington's WECT and sharing Channel 6's studios and news department.

The WJKA-TV sign-on features video views of the beach areas just south of Wilmington, among them are Wrightsville Beach and Carolina Beach. The sign-off has some of the same, along with a view of the USS North Carolina, a World War II battleship which sits on the Cape Fear River. No National Anthem or any patriotic piece was used with the WJKA-TV sign-on or sign-off. These were recorded by the Webmaster while vacationing at Topsail Island NC, about thirty miles up the coast from Wilmington.

A different WJKA-TV 26 sign-on recorded circa 1990.
WSFX-TV SuperFox 26 Sign-off recorded June 1995

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