WIS-TV Channel 10, Columbia SC
Sign-Off and Sign-On
from Summer 1989

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Among the Webmaster's top favorites among his collection of TV station sign-off clips, for it features a rarely-seen but wonderful patriotic film with John Wayne narrating a poem entitled "America: You Ask Me Why I Love Her?" (I'm assuming that's the name of it). The clip starts with the closing credits of With This Ring, a Roman Catholic religious program, then on to the sign-off announcement featuring only a WIS-TV logo graphic. The sign-on is similar to this except that a "America The Beautiful" video is played before the sign-on announcement. According to a fan's comments on the Webmaster's YouTube channel, the voice for both the sign-off and sign-on is that of longtime WIS-TV weatherman Joe Pinner, who from 1963 to 2000 hosted the Peabody Award-winning children's show Mr. Knozit.

WIS-TV was the former sibling of WIS Radio (now WVOC-AM 560), which came on the air in 1930 as the last radio station in the U.S. to be assigned a previously-unused three-letter call sign. The call letters stood for "Wonderful Iodine State", an acknowledgment of the high level on iodine present in South Carolina's soil. These videos were captured at my home near Walkertown, North Carolina, about 200 miles from Columbia, which explains some of the fuzziness in the video.

WIS-TV Channel 10 Sign-on from 1980
WIS-TV Channel 10 sign-on from 8 March 1993

NOTE: The video files featured on this website are taken from my VHS home recordings of over-the-air and cable video captures, clips contributed by others and clips downloaded from YouTube and similar sites. The quality varies from clip to clip, due to TV reception and recording issues. None of the clips that are featured here have been authorized by the various television stations, networks or any other entity.