WHEC-TV Channel 10, Rochester NY
Sign-Off and SSB recorded 2 April 1979

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Rochester's former CBS affiliate (and present-day NBC station) calls it a night. The clip commences with the final three seconds of the CBS Saturday Night Movies. It is then followed by a slew of CBS program promos for upcoming episodes of M*A*S*H, WKRP In Cincinnatti, and Lou Grant. After a CBS ID bumper comes three local commercials, including one for the House Of Guitars, Inc. with the "Easter Bunny" as its pitchman. The sign-off comes up next, simply a static station ID graphic with voiceover, followed by the SSB performed by the U.S. Marine Band as "Old Glory" is being lowered.

Rochester's Channel 10 began life in November 1953 as a "share-time" operation, one of several U.S. TV stations ran as such in the 1950s (e.g., KMBC-TV 9 in Kansas City). WHEC-TV and WVET-TV shared the frequency along with a primary CBS Network affiliation for eight years, ending in 1961 when WVET-TV licensee, Veterans Broadcasting, purchased then-NBC affiliate WROC-TV Channel 5 (which would be moved to Channel 8 the following year). WHEC-TV and WROC-TV would trade network affiliations in 1989.

On his UHF Television site, K.M. Richards, along with Clarke Ingram, has an article about share-time TV stations with additional info about WHEC/WVET Channel 10.

TV-Signoffs.com gives the tip of the hat to Jesse Coffey of FIMFiction.net for supplying the info of the exact date of this recording.

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