WGNX Channel 46 (now WGCL), Atlanta GA
Station Sign-Off recorded circa 1995

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Today's CBS 46 began life in June 1971 as WHAE-TV (the HAE stood for Heaven And Earth). It was one of several independent stations owned by televangelist Pat Robertson's Christian Broadcasting Network. In Fall 1977 Robertson had the call letters changed to WANX-TV, the ANX standing for "Atlanta iN Christ (X)". Six years later, Robertson sold Channel 46 to Chicago-based Tribune Broadcasting, owners of WGN-TV Channel 9. As a result, the calls became WGNX to reflect a connection with Tribune's Chicago station. Channel 46 was slated to become an affiliate of the new Warner Bros. TV Network, along with Tribune's other stations, upon The WB's launch in January 1995, but wound up joining the CBS network in December 1994 after Atlanta's long-time CBS station, WAGA-TV Channel 5, switched to the Fox Network. Channel 46 was acquired from Tribune by the Meredith Corporation (the current owner) late in 1998 when it swapped its station in Tacoma, Washington, KCPQ Channel 13, for it. On Independence Day 2000, CBS 46 took its current calls, WGCL., the GCL standing for its then-new slogan, "We're Georgia's CLear TV".

The sign-off clip is from Channel 46's first year as a CBS affiliate. It's one of the standard type, with static station ID graphic and voice-over announcement. The late Doug Paul, whose voice is familiar to millions who watched Chicago's WGN Superstation over the years, is the one who renders the sign-off. No patriotic film was used here, as color bars and tone comes afterwards.

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