WCMZ-TV Channel 28, Flint, Michigan
Final Sign-off recorded 23 April 2018

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The PBS member station in Flint, Michigan concluded nearly thirty-seven years of service right before midnight on the 23rd of April with this clip, a video montage of views of the Flint River and the Flint River Trail. Afterwards comes a brief sign-off announcement explaining why the station was being shut down for good. This clip was recorded from the main WCMZ-TV channel 2.1. Channels 2.2 (PBS Kids) and 2.3 (Create) ended their activities with only the sign-off announcement.

The University of Michigan-Flint signed on Channel 28 on 23 August 1980 as WFUM-TV. Its inaugural program was live coverage of the Crim Festival of Races in Flint. This annual event would be a staple on WFUM for the next 27 years. As time passed, Channel 28 became known to viewers as Michigan Television. In 2008 WFUM became the first station in the state to telecast exclusively in digital. That same year WFUM won nine regional Emmy awards for various station productions. In 2009 the University of Michigan sold WFUM to Central Michigan University for a flat $1 million. CMU would turn Channel 28 into a satellite of its own WCMU-TV Channel 14. In May 2010, the calls were changed to WCMZ when CMU took full control of the station. Thinking that PBS programming for the Flint market was easily available via several nearby stations (among them WTVS Channel 56 in Detroit), CMU sold the Channel 28 frequency in the FCC's spectrum auction for $14 million. The station was finally shut down with the above clip.

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