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Another sign-off clip recorded and contributed by Matt Sittel of Belleview, Nebraska. He was residing in Kingsport, Tennessee at the time he made this aircheck from WUNF-TV 33 in Asheville NC. The video commences with the closing graphic of a 1985 episode of the BBC soap opera EastEnders, followed by a brief UNC-TV promo related to the show. Next up is a UNC-TV/PBS bumper promoting various PBS programming.Then comes a network and station ID displayng the numerous UNC-TV translator stations covering the North Carolina mountains, followed by a listing and roll call of the ten stations of the UNC-TV network. Since this recording was made, UNC-TV has added two more full-power stations and eight more translators. The newest station in Canton, WUNW-TV 27, replaced the translator that operated there in 2010.

UNC-TV began life with its flagship station, WUNC-TV 4 in Chapel Hill, on 8 January 1955. Channel 4 played a great part of the Webmaster's first memories of TV, for it was there he viewed shows like The Friendly Giant, Mister Rogers' Neighborhood and Sesame Street. UNC-TV began building its network in September 1965 with the launch of WUND-TV 2 in Columbia NC (which was moved to Edenton in 2005). On 11 September 1967 three new stations began operation in Linville (WUNE-TV 17), Asheville (WUNF-TV 33) and Concord (WUNG-TV 58). The Webmaster's infatuation with Channel 4 ended with the sign-on of his local UNC-TV station, WUNL-TV 26 in Winston-Salem in February 1973.

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