KTBS-TV "Television 3", Shreveport LA
Sign-off from circa 1975 (from master tape)

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This is definitely among the finest TV station sign-off clips the Webmaster has ever viewed. The YouTuber that posted this apparently knows someone that worked at the station, for this was reportedly made from the original 40-year-old master tape. The clip begins with the classic NAB Television Code Seal, pictured here in yellow and black with a green background (one might call this a John Deere-inspired SOGP design). Following that is filmed scenes of the Louisiana Bayou at sunset accompanied by a medley of songs which include "Dixie" and "The Battle Hymn Of The Republic". The medley is performed by Mickey Newbury, and it's from his 1971 album (LP) entitled An American Trilogy. The sign-off and copyright announcement comes in near the end of the film (unfortunately, there's some distortion in the audio at this point). This is the only instance the webmaster has seen as of yet of a Southern TV station signing off with the tune, "Dixie". It's assumed that there were a number of them that did prior to the 1960s (among them were WRAL-TV 5 in Raleigh, NC).

KTBS Television 3 commenced operations in September 1955 as a primary affiliate of NBC-TV with a secondary affiliation with ABC. The station went full-time with the ABC network in 1960 and remains as such to the present. KTBS is still owned by the Wray family, the former owners of KTBS radio 710 (now KEEL) who put Television 3 on the air in 1955. It is among the few 1940s-50s-era TV stations to be still owned and operated by its original licensee.

TV-signoffs.com thanks Steve German for contributing info on the music used in this clip.

Page updated Sunday, 6 November 2016

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