KSTW Channel 11, Tacoma/Seattle WA
Sign-Off and Sign-On recorded circa 2004

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Sign-off and sign-on combined in one clip. Both ane only thirty seconds long and uses the same video montage of scenes of Seattle and Tacoma, which includes Seattle's famous Space Needle and the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. At the time of this clip, this bridge, opened in 1950, carried traffic in both directions. It now carries westbound traffic, for a new eastbound bridge was opened in July of 2007 after five years of construction. No patriotic video of any kind is used in these clips.

KSTW-TV is currently owned by CBS Corporation and is affiliated with The CW Network. On three occasions in its 60-plus year history Channel 11 had an affiliation with the CBS network. The first was from March 1953, when the station first signed on as KTNT-TV, to February 1958. Channel 11 was Tacoma/Seattle's original full-time CBS station. The second time was from 1960 to 1962, when Channel 11 shared the affiliation with KIRO-TV Channel 7, the present day CBS station. When KIRO-TV dropped CBS for the UPN Network in 1996-1997, KSTW was again Tacoma's CBS home during that time. For most of its history up to 1997 when it took on the UPN network, KSTW was an independent station.

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KSTW-TV 11 Analog Sign-off and Digital Sign-on from 12 June 2009

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