KRWG-TV Channel 22, Las Cruces NM
Sign-off, 2 SSBs and Sign-on
recorded circa 2003

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A nearly seven-minute video featuring the matching set of sign-off and sign-on from the PBS station of New Mexico State University, with the audio announcements altered accordingly. The clip is a bit wiggly, as it is an aircheck recorded some distance from the station. The visuals consiasts mostly of behind-the-scenes goings-on in Channel 22's studios at Milton Hall on the NMSU campus. The SSB video, simply Old Glory flying proudly in the breeze, is used for both sign-off and sign-on. The sign-off rendition is a standard arrangement, while the one for the sign-on is more spirited. Presumably both SSBs are performed by the University's band.

Among KRWG-TV's numerous translator stations mentioned in the video is K59CN (now K40GH-D) in the town of Truth or Consequences, which does have actual ties to the classic radio and TV game show of that name.

KRWG-TV first took to the air near the end of June of 1973. The station's calls are in honor of Ralph Willis Goddard, an educator and pioneer broadcaster in New Mexico who in 1922 founded KOB Radio in Las Cruces, now KKOB-AM 770 in Albuquerque. The KRWG calls are also those of the University's FM station 90.7. KRWG-TV is one of a handful of college-run TV stations in the U.S. to have its own student-produced nightly newscast.

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