KREM-TV Channel 2, Spokane WA
Sign-Off recorded circa 1987

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This sign-off of Spokane's current CBS network affiliate commences with the closing moments of the Cinema 2 late movie. A promo for an upcoming Oprah Winfrey Show and a PSA for Head Start of Spokane follows. There was also a PSA for Planned Parenthood that followed the Headstart PSA in the original video, but it was omitted by the Webmaster (the audio distortion was at its worst here).

After a quick station ID comes the sign-off announcement with the early-1980s version of the NAB's Seal of Good Practice, followed by a still photo with station ID graphic superimposed on it. The presence of the SOGP would suggest this sign-off was put together some years earlier, for the NAB abolished its Television Code in 1983.

When the Webmaster posted this clip several years back, he had difficulty identifying the photo used in the sign-off. Scott Hoagland, a native of Spokane, recently supplied this information:

The scene in the background is that of the Upper Falls of the Spokane
River. On the left of the shot is Canada Island, in the background
(barely visible) is the Howard Street Bridge, and the well-lit buildings on
the right are the former YMCA building and the Washington Water Power
(now Avista) Upper Falls Hydro Plant. The shot was taken from the north
end of the footbridge that runs from the Hydro Plant to the west end
of Canada Island. The KREM studios are located about eight miles
to the south of where this shot was taken.

The clip ends with a film produced by the Religious Broadcasting Commission of the Washington State Council of Churches, which consists of nature scenes and a few shots of aircraft thrown in at various places.

The Webmaster apologies for the weird audio distortion present halfway through the clip; it's assumed it came from KREM-TV's end of the transmission.

Page updated Saturday, 23 November 2013

KREM-TV Channel 2 Sign-off from 2006

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