KPTV Channel 12, Portland OR
Sign-Off recorded circa 1981

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Can't view the video? Download here! now presents what may me the ultimate "drive-by" TV station sign-off ever, a mere fourteen seconds in length. According to Peter Paltridge, creator and curator of the For Portlanders Only website (where this clip came from), this was the entire sign-off. KPTV simply cut the carrier after this piece, there was no inspirational piece or patriotic film of any kind preceding or following it.

The story of KPTV is about the wedding of two Portland TV stations. KPTV first signed on at noon on Saturday, 20 September 1952 on Channel 27. It was the first-ever commercial UHF television station on the planet to take to the air, a mere two-and-a-half months after the FCC had issued KPTV's construction permit. KPTV was originally a primary NBC network station that also carried programming of the other three networks (CBA, ABC, and DuMont) for its first year on the air.

In March 1955 KLOR-TV began operations on VHF Channel 12 as an ABC network affiliate, but lost that affiliation in December of that year as ABC moved its programming to newly-launched KGW-TV Channel 8. With no other network available (DuMont was done by this time), KLOR-TV was run as an independent TV station for the next year and a half.

In April 1957 KPTV and KLOR-TV came under common ownership when Detroit businessman George Haggerty purchased both stations and merged them into one. Both stations ceased operatios as separate entities on 30 April 1957, and the following day returned to the air as KPTV Channel 12, which remains today, currently affiliated with the Fox network.

K.M. Richards' UHF Television website has a special section devoted to KPTV Channel 27. It contains links to contemporary articles in Broadcasting magazine and other articles about KPTV. Also featured are images of vintage KPTV station ID slides and even a special 1953 film produced by Zenith Radio and TV entitled "Fog Over Portland".

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