KNBC-TV Channel 4, Los Angeles CA
NewsCenter 4 Sign-Off Edition &
KNBC Sign-Off - Sunday, 27 September 1981

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< sends thanks to Joseph Goria of Los Angeles and Don Denton of Covina CA for contributing this clip. It is approximately thirty minutes long, and contains the following items:
00:00 KNBC Program Promo for News Confrence '81
00:10 NewsCenter 4 Sign-Off Edition Headlines by Donald Rickles (not the famous comedian of that name, and probably not related to him)
00:31 LOCAL NEWS: Demonstrations at Diablo Nuclear Power Plant, Mistrial in the case of Jim Jones aide Larry Layton
01:13 NATIONAL NEWS: Controversy over the Reagan Administration's plans to sell spy planes to Saudi Arabia - NBC News report by Bob Kur
03:23 COMMERCIAL BREAK: ULCA Placement Center spot, NBC program promos for Bob Hope's Look At The New Fall Season and The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson: The 19th Anniversary, Jet Delivery Service (comic aviator in vacant field)
04:28 WORLD NEWS: Continuing tensions in Communist Poland - NBC News report by Fred Francis
07:10 COMMERCIAL BREAK: Ayds Appetite Suppression Candy, Anso IV Carpet at Carpeteria, "Get High On Yourself" Musical PSA with several celebs including Bob Hope, Jaclyn Smith and Henry Winkler
09:14 NATIONAL NEWS: Democrats rebuff President Reagan's tax cuts and budget plan - NBC News report by Andrea Mitchell
11:33 SPORTS:Nolan Ryan pitches 5th no-hitter, in NCAA football #1 USC wins, UCLA loses
12:22 NewsCenter 4 Weather, closing announcement, and brief KNBC program promos for News Conference '81 and Donahue by Donald Rickles
13:05 Long PSA photo montage by the Franciscan Communication Center of Los Angeles. Theme Music: "He Is Your Brother"
15:45 COMMERCIALS: Promo for the play A Lesson From Aloes at the Mark Taper Forum Music Center, an abbreviated "Get High On Yourself" PSA, Jet Delivery Service (comic aviator at airport), KNBC program promo for Entertainment Tonight, Job Service of California ad, and KNBC program promo for Fight Back! with David Horowitz
17:49 Musical KNBC station ID, copyright statement, and NAB Seal of Good Practice announcement by Donald Rickles
19:00 LET US PRAY: sermonette(?) delivered off-screen by Rev. Paul LaRue of the Emerson Unitarian Church in Canova Park
22:08 U.S. Navy Hymn film, KNBC sign-off announcement by Donald Rickles and "America The Beautiful" film (complete), then carrier is cut

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