KMGH-TV Channel 7, Denver CO
Sermonette, Sign-Off and SSB
recorded 5 August 1980

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Leading off in this clip is the closing for The CBS Late Movie, which is quickly followed by a CBS promo for The Corn Is Green, a made-for-TV movie starring Katharine Hepburn. After the quick CBS Network ID comes what appears to be a child's rendering (perhaps one of a station employee or manager) of the KMGH-TV list of three studio-to-transmitter relays, accompanied by an announcer who mentions a fourth STL relay that's not shown, and then introduces the NAB's 1965 Television Code Seal (badly-faded slide). The Pastoral Call sermonette that follows is delivered by Father Tom Trippler of the Basillica of the Immaculate Conception in Denver. Afterwards is the KMGH/McGraw-Hill ID slide with the announcer citing technical stats, ownership, location, and parting greetings with music appropriate for the occasion. The SSB film is one of numerous produced by the LDS Church (The Mormons).

Denver's Channel 7 is today's ABC Network station, and has been since 1995. The station was launched in November 1952 as KLZ-TV, the video spawn of KLZ Radio AM 560, and was briefly affiliated with NBC before going with CBS in 1953. The McGraw-Hill publishing interests acquired Channel 7 from Time-Life in 1972 and had the calls changed to KMGH-TV, the MGH standing, of course, for McGraw-Hill. In December 2011 McGraw-Hill exited broadcasting when KMGH-TV and the seven other McGraw-Hill stations were sold to the E.W. Scripps Company.

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