KHJ-TV Channel 9 (now KCAL), Los Angeles CA
Sign-Off from 25 september 1982

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Los Angeles' Channel 9, since 1989 known as KCAL-TV, is one of the oldest independent TV stations in the USA. It began as the NBC network's first Los Angeles affiliate when it first took to the air in August 1948. When NBC launced its own LA station, KNBC-TV, KHJ-TV became an independent from that point on to the present day. CBS Corporation is the current owner of Channel 9. This clip is from the period when KHJ-TV 9 was owned by RKO General (1951-1989)

The clip commences with a KHJ-TV public service announcement in progress. Following this is a KHJ-TV editorial about the U.S./Soviet Union nuclear arms race, delivered by VP/GM Charles Velona (who would leave the station when RKO General sold Channel 9 in 1989). After this comes a two-minute commercial for Worthington Ford, featuring Cal Worthington himself riding on his "dog", Spot, and showing off his most recent line of used car specials. The KHJ-TV sign-off that follows is of the simple type, a static station ID slide and voice-over. The clip concludes with a filmed piece, possibly produced by Channel 9, that features Ray Charles' great rendition of "America The Beautiful" (compare this version with the one done by KTUL-TV 8 in Tulsa OK in their 1979 sign-off).

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