KGTV Channel 10, San Diego CA
Sign-off recorded circa mid-1980s

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This one-minute clip is one of those pieces that gives viewers a glimpse of what goes on off-camera at a TV station. Since this is a sign-off, the technicians are shutting things down and removing videotape from the machines. There's even someone cleaning the floor in front of the KGTV news set. And near the end we get to see at the microphone the sign-off's announcer, Don Settel (spelling?), who gets up and exits his booth when he is finished. If KGTV used a SSB or any other patriotic or inspirational film with this sign-off, it was not included in this recording.

Commencing operations in September 1953 as KFSD-TV, Channel 10 was originally affiliated with the NBC network. It became San Diego's ABC station in June 1977 when that network, not happy in its four-year relationship with KCST Channel 39 (see below), switched to Channel 10 (Channel 39 got the NBC affiliation; it is now KNSD and O&Oed by NBC). Channel 10 was known as KOGO-TV from 1961 to 1972 when it was owned by Time-Life's broadcasting division. It became KGTV in 1972 when Time-Life sold Channel 10 to McGraw-Hill Publishing, the owner mentioned in the sign-off clip. McGraw-Hill exited broadcasting in late 2011 when it sold all of its stations to the E.W. Scripps Company, KGTV's current licensee.

K.M. Richards' History of UHF Television's page on Channel 39 has more detailed info concerning ABC in San Diego, including its 17-year affiliation (1956-1973) with XETV Channel 6 in Tijuana, Mexico, just below the border.

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