KEYC-TV Channel 12, Mankato, Minnesota
Sign-off and SSB recorded 23 September 2018

Here's proof positive that there's at least one U.S. TV station that goes off the air for a few hours each night. It's southern Minnesota's home for both CBS and Fox network programming, which still signs off around 1:00 AM local time for about four hours. KEYC-TV may be the only station that continues to do this, for on New Year's Day 2018, WOAY-TV Channel 50 in Oak Hill, West Virginia ceased its nightly sign-offs and joined the 24/7 crowd. And KEYC's sign-off is an excellent one, at that; it is a video montage of the city of Mankato under the sun and under the stars, with a shot of the KEYC studio building thrown in. The National Anthem video is produced by the station itself, which depicts Mankatoans involved in what appears to be Memorial Day and/or Independence Day activities.

Mankato's Channel 12 first took to the air on 5 October 1960, right on time to air the opening game of the 1960 World Series (NY Yankees vs Pittsburgh) telecast by the NBC network. In mid-1961 KEYC-TV switched its network affiliation to CBS, which continues to the present day. In 2007 KEYC-TV launched its secondary digital channel (12.2) to bring Fox network programs for the first time in the Mankato market. Since 1977, KEYC-TV has been owned and operated by United Communications. It continues to telecast in the digital era on VHF channel 12 from its transmitter in Lewisville, Minnesota.

This video was recorded by radio/TV DX fan Matt Sittel of Belleview, Nebraska while visiting the Mankato area. He also recorded this 1994 recording of a KEYC-TV sign-off.

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