KDLT-TV Channel 5 (now Channel 46),
Mitchell/Sioux Falls SD
Sign-Off and SSB recorded circa 1993

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TV-signoffs.com gives thanks to Wade Brandis of Encore Enterprises LLC, who recorded and contributed ths sign-off of Mitchell/Sioux Falls' NBC network affiliate. The clip commences with two PSA spots and a KDLT promo featuring Willard Scott, the weather guy of NBC's Today along with KDLT's own weatherman Dave Frazier. The station's sign-off consists of various view of Sioux Fall at night, which is followed by the SSB. After that, several seconds of tone and color bars with KDLT's six translator stations superimposed upon them.

That blinking green ball on top of the building at 1:52 is one of the old KELO-AM radio Weather Balls. The one shown in the video is at the top of the First National Bank building in downtown Sioux Falls. You can find out more about the Weather Balls here:


KDLT first commenced telecasting on VHF Channel 5 in June 1960 as locally-owned KORN-TV; the call letters were chosen to honor the famous Corn Palace, which is located in Mitchell. Channel 5 became KXON-TV in 1972 as a result of the sale of the station to Texas-based Buford Broadcasting. In 1982, after two more changes in ownership, the calls were changed to the current KDLT. In 1998 KDLT moved its city of license to Sioux Falls and began transmissions on analog UHF channel 46 from a new tower location closer to Sioux Falls. As a reult, Channel 5 became KDLV, a full-time satellite of KDLT. KDLT has been an NBC network station for most of its life, except from 1969 to 1983 when it was affiliated with the ABC network.

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