KCET Channel 28, Los Angeles CA
Sign-Off recorded 2 April 2006

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Early Sunday-morning sign-off clip featuring some great helicopter video of the KCET studio building on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood (KCET now resides in Burbank) and the L.A. skyline at night. It is preceded by two promos for KCET local programs and an Asian Getaway promotion. In the original submitted video there were numerous PBS program promos, but for the sake of brevity, the Webmaster edited these out.

KCET signed on initially back in September 1964 as L.A.'s second attempt at a non-commercial educational TV station. The first was KTHE, which also telecast on Channel 28 and was on the air only nine months during late 1953 and 1954. KCET was a member of the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) from the network's inception in 1970 to the end of 2010. KCET cited unresolvable financial and programming disputes as the cause of its defection from PBS. It then operated as an independent, non-commercial station up until the first of October 2018 when it merged with PBS member station KOCE-TV 50, resulting in KCET's return to PBS as a secondary affiliate.

Page updated Sunday, 13 October 2018

KCET Channel 28 Sign-off recorded circa 1974 (with USC Trojan Band SSB)
KCET Channel 28 Movie Promo and Sign-off recorded circa 1979
KCET Channel 28 Sign-off recorded circa 1984

TV-Signoffs.com thanks Joseph Goria of Los Angeles for contributing this clip. Joseph operated a fan website that was devoted to the early-1990s Disney animated series Tale Spin, which is no longer online.

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