KCET-TV Channel 28, Los Angeles CA
Movie Promo and Sign-Off recorded circa 1979

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The video kicks off with the final few seconds of a PBS network program which is followed by the 1970s-era PBS network ID animation. Afterwards comes a promo for an upcoming PBS airing of the 1957 M-G-M musical Silk Stockings, starring Fred Astaire and Cyd Charisse. The promo uses the original theatrical trailer for the film. Up next it's the station sign-off which features helicopter views of the L.A. skyline at dusk, very similar to the 2006 KCET sign-off linked below. The announcer thanks the viewers for its support of KCET and invites comments about its operations before bidding them goodnight. The clip concludes with twenty seconds of black followed by static when the transmitter is shut down.

KCET was the descendant (sort of) of Los Angeles' original Channel 28, KTHE, which was on the air for a mere 285 days from 30 November 1953 to 10 September 1954. After the station went dark (it was the first non-commercial UHF to do so), the University of Souther California, KTHE's licensee, returned its construction permit to the FCC, which cancelled it early in 1955. Eight years later on 28 September 1964, Channel 28 was reborn under a new license as KCET, owned by Community Television of Southern California, and would become L.A.'s original PBS network station. KCET severed its 40-year relationship with PBS at the end of 2010 due to irreconcilable disputes over financial and programming matters, becoming an independent, non-commercial station. KOCE-TV 50 served as the PBS affiliate for southern California and Los Angeles during KCET's run as an indie. The two stations merged operations in October 2018, resulting in KCET's return to PBS as a secondary affiliate.

Page updated Sunday, 13 October 2018

KCET Channel 28 Sign-off recorded circa 1974 (with USC Trojan Band SSB)
KCET Channel 28 Sign-off recorded circa 1984
KCET Channel 28 Sign-off recorded 2 April 2006

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