KBHK-TV Channel 44 (now KBCW),
San Francisco CA - Movie Promos,
Meditations and Sign-Off circa January 1984

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A Saturday night sign-off from "The Bay Area's Movie Station", which is today's Bay Area affiliate of The CW Network. The video commences with several movie promos and commercials that's followed by the closing of that week's Shock Theatre. Immediately afterwards comes Meditations; it's not a sermon, but a slightly off-color humorous monologue on the subject of "Growing Old Gracefully" done by an unidentified male announcer (presumably a KBHK staffer). The station sign-off comes next, using the same template type of announcement used by the other stations of the Kaiser/Field group in which KBHK-TV was once part of (see next paragraph). For some reason, the SSB film is missing here, but most likely it was the Sierra Club's version used by the other Kaiser/Field stations.

KBHK-TV 44 commenced operations in January 1968 as one of several independent UHF-TV outlets owned by Kaiser Broadcasting, which included stations in Detroit, Boston and Philadelphia. In 1973 Kaiser merged its TV interests with Chicago-based Field Communications, founders and licensee of WFLD-TV 32 (Field would take total ownership of the Kaiser stations in 1977). KBKH-TV was acquired by United Television in 1983 when Field exited the broadcasting business. This was the "United" of the United Paramount Network (UPN) which was launched in 1995 with Channel 44 as a charter affiliate. When UPN and The WB networks were merged into The CW in 2006, Channel 44 became the West Coast's flagship station of the network and changed its call letters to KBCW to reflect that status. Since 2001, KBCW has been owned by CBS Corporation.

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