CBN Family Channel (now ABC Family)
Sign-Off recorded Autumn 1989

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A 5 am Monday morning sign-off clip that's preceded by a network promo with clips from shows The CBN Family Channel was airing at the time, including Life Goes On, Bonanza, Remington Steele, and Rin-Tin-Tin, K-9 Cop.

Televangelist Pat Robertson's network was launched in 1977 as the CBN Cable Network, which aired mostly religious shows at first, but gradually became more entertainment-oriented. The "CBN" portion of the Family Channel name was dropped in 1990 as the network became a separate entity from Robertson's Christian Broadcasting Network (producers of The 700 Club) in order to protect CBN's tax-exempt status (which has since been stripped of). Robertson sold his Family Channel to Fox in 1998, which in turn sold it to ABC-Disney in 2001, thus becoming the current ABC Family network.

For some information concerning the beginnings of CBN, view this page featuring a 1987 CBN Cable Network sign-off.

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